Health Insurance WARNING

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Health Insurance WARNING

Before taking out health insurance it is important you understand exactly what is and isn’t covered in your policy.
Much of this of course depends on the type of cover you take out. You should always choose a policy that offers the best possible coverage to suit your needs.
However, there are some things that are not typically covered on most policies, regardless of what policy or provider you choose.

While there can be exceptions in certain circumstances, below are some of things you can expect will not be covered under your health insurance plan.

Pre existing conditions
Health insurance normally does not cover pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing conditions or other conditions related to them will normally be excluded from a policy.

This is because health insurance is designed to provide cover for new conditions that may occur only after the policy has started.

Chronic conditions

A condition that is classed as ongoing, requires long term treatment or has no cure will not typically be covered by health insurance.

This could be a condition such as kidney dialysis or reoccurring heart or lung problems.

Coverage is not provided for chronic conditions as health insurance is designed to cover you for treatment to get you back to your original health.

If you have a chronic condition which will affect you long term, typically coverage is not possible.

Dental work
Normally, dental work will not be covered under a regular policy. However, insurance companies will often offer a separate policy or add on that can cover dental work.

This may enable you to claim back a certain amount each year for things like check ups, fillings or appointments.

Cosmetic surgery

Because cosmetic surgeries or ‘elective treatments’ are considered to be lifestyle treatments, they are not covered by health insurance policies.

Cosmetic treatments are things such as botox, breast implants, liposuction, face lifts or anything aesthetic.

However, reconstructive surgeries following an accident, for example, could be covered under a health insurance policy.

Other exclusions

There are other conditions that most insurance companies are unlikely to cover. Some of these include:

Allergies or allergic disorders
Birth control, conception, sexual problems and gender re-assignment
Dental/oral treatment
Treatment to correct eyesight (e.g. long or short)
Intensive care (other than in some specific circumstances)
Learning difficulties and developmental problems
Pregnancy and childbirth
Professional sports injuries
Puberty, menopause and ageing
Sleep problems and disorders
Speech disorders

As with all of the above mentioned, always check the terms and conditions of your policy so you know exactly what is and is not covered.

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