RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR An American move that will put Putin in a corner #nbcuk

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RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR An American move that will put Putin in a corner.
A spokesman for the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), said:

Russia declared the creation of special unmanned aerial vehicles for Ukraine before to the start of its attacks on Ukraine.

According to the Voice of America (Voice of America), a US-based publication,

He mentioned the Pentagon's spokesman's words on the subject as well as the specifics of the military vehicle in question.

As a result, a Pentagon spokesman said that "Ghost Phoenix" unmanned aerial vehicles are being built for Ukraine.

The Pentagon is fast creating these devices, the name of which has never been heard before, exclusively for Kiev, according to reports.

At a news conference, A Pentagon spokesperson said that the construction of the new drone began before the invasion, and that the Ukrainians were involved in the process.

He stated following their meeting that they believe this approach will satisfy their needs, particularly in Ukraine's east.

The official could not specify when work on developing the unmanned aerial vehicle began.

He went on to say that the newly built drones are currently in use in the United States.

According to a Pentagon spokesman, the "Ghost Phoenix" unmanned aerial vehicle technology is capable of tactical operations.

He explained that it is primarily intended to assault targets, although it may not be confined to this.

These Ghost Phoenix are armed, according to US Department of Defense officials, and were previously dispatched to Ukraine.

It resembles Switchblade UAVs in appearance.

However, the authorities point out that the new unmanned aerial vehicle differs from the Switchblade in a few ways.

These AEVEX Aerospace systems, according to Pentagon officials, are meant to neutralize a variety of targets.

AEVEX is a company based in California.

It claims on its website that it "offers a broad variety of air intelligence products."

The corporation has yet to issue a remark on the problem.

These unmanned aerial aircraft, which are supposed to be disposable, have gone kamikaze.

To put it another way, it is small enough to be carried in a backpack and similar to UAVs that explode after reaching their target.

Other features of the newly designed unmanned aerial vehicle were not disclosed by the Pentagon official.

He also indicated that he was unaware of the name given to the unmanned aerial vehicle.

Ukrainian operators who are familiar with Switchblade or other unmanned aerial vehicles should be aware of this.

It is stated that the new technology will require relatively little training to operate.

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GUERRA RÚSSIA-UCRÂNIA Um movimento americano que colocará Putin no canto #nbcuk

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