Russian Ukraine Latest : украина русский последний 2

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Russian Ukraine Latest : украина русский последний 20/4/2022

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy has said that the Russian military has begun its offensive in the Donbass Region, which it has been preparing for for a long time. 54 of Russia's attacks on Ukraine. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy, who made public statements at the end of the day, spoke about the attacks of the Russian army. “The Russian military is not slowing down its missile strikes against Ukraine," Zelenskiy said, pointing to the sanctions imposed on Russia by Western countries, arguing that Russia will become unable to produce its own missiles in the future. They should understand that it will be difficult for missile stocks, including the sanctions imposed, to return to their former state. They can't produce it without imports. It will not be possible for Russia to return to its missile capabilities if tougher sanctions are imposed against the measures they have taken to get rid of the sanctions. So, at the moment, Russian missiles lead to only one thing. Zelenskiy, who previously stated that the Russian army is preparing an intensive attack, especially on the east and south of the country, announced this evening that the Russian army has actually launched this offensive in the Donbass Region, saying: “The invaders in the east and south of our country are trying to attack a little more planned than before. They are entering here with the main forces, looking for a weak point of the country's defense. It can be said that now the Russian troops have begun the Donbas offensive, for which they have been preparing for a long time. A very large part of the entire Russian army is now focused on this offensive. No matter how many soldiers are deported to the Donbass, we will defend ourselves, we will fight. We will not give anything that belongs to Ukraine.

Translated titles:
Rusia Ucrania Último : украина русский последний 2

Russisch Ukraine Neueste : украина русский последний 2

Russie Ukraine Dernier : украина русский последний 2

Russo Ucrânia Últimas : украина русский последний 2

रूसी यूक्रेन नवीनतम : украина русский оследни

أوكرانيا الروسية الأحدث: украина русский последний 2

俄罗斯 乌克兰 最新 : украина русский последний 2


Русский Украина Последнее : украина русский последний

รัสเซีย ยูเครน ล่าสุด : украина русский посл

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