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Russia Ukraine
While tensions between Russia and Western powers continue to escalate, the continuing war between Russia and Ukraine has entered another day.

While Western countries aim to bring Russia to its knees with sanctions, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made statements that are perplexing.

Putin said that Western sanctions had been restored and that the Westerners had shot themselves in the foot.

During a live economic review meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a number of critical statements.

Putin claimed that his country has begun to circumvent Western sanctions against Russia, and that the West, which was attempting to stop Russia by applying sanctions, had been struck by its own weapon.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had a video conference meeting with the government and economic staffs.

In his opening statement, Putin criticizes Western countries' sanctions against Russia, claiming that these attempts have failed, and that, "in the final period of the most major negative impact for the economy, it is clear that the pressure of additional sanctions from Western countries.

" Their plan was to immediately destabilize our country's financial and economic condition, causing panic in the markets and the collapse of the banking system, as well as a widespread shortage of goods in stores.

"However, we can already state categorically that the sanctions against Russia have failed,", he added.

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